old pretoria magistrates court

The old Pretoria Magistrates Court was built in the city centre in 1942. Unfortunately, in October 2010, an electrical fire broke out and destroyed the roof and top floor. The building was significantly damaged and was declared unsuitable for any use.

The building is older than 60 years, and in terms of the Natural Heritage Resources Act, the restoration will have to follow strict guidelines to ensure that as much of the original architecture is restored as possible. The building is intended to look as it did originally, but in keeping with modern technology, most of the services will be re-designed to a more functional and aesthetically pleasing state.

The aim of the restoration is to rehabilitate the entire building while attempting to keep as much of the heritage importance thereof as possible, to assess and implement new and restorative structural designs, and to design and implement new internal mechanical, electrical and wet services.

Delta BEC was appointed as the architect, the project manager and the principal agent for the restoration and rehabilitation of the magistrates court.