naledi pedestrian and vehicular bridge

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has extensive plans to repair and upgrade road infrastructure in the city. As part of this initiative, plans were put in place to build a vehicular and pedestrian bridge between two historically separated but very closely interlinked communities, namely Naledi and Protea North in Soweto.

The bridge had to accommodate vehicular and pedestrian movement between Protea, situated to the south of the railway line, and Naledi, situated to the north of the railway line, and provide safe passage for pedestrians moving across the railway line during peak hour traffic.

Delta BEC was appointed for the rendering of professional services for the design and implementation of a bridge structure to accommodate pedestrians and vehicles. In addition, Delta BEC acted as the health and safety agent, and also provided construction supervision and contract administration services.

Delta BEC designed a bridge superstructure that could be built with minimum impact on the PRASA operational trains. Provision was also made to double the railway lines in the future. Pre-cast, pre-tensioned concrete beams were placed over the railway lines during operational hours. Eskom had to relocate their existing electrical cables to accommodate the new road infrastructure to ensure compliance with minimum vertical clearances between the bottom of the electrical cables and the top of the road surface. Delta BEC facilitated the involvement of relevant stakeholders to mitigate any possible delays.