Creative Agency

Website Design


Traffic Barricade required rebranding services, which entailed an entire new website.

Trash In Cash In

Trash In Cash In (TiCi) is a recycling campaign aimed at motivating the public to recycle their waste.

TiCi required an interactive and easy-to-use website.

Delta Waste Management

Delta Waste Management provides comprehensive waste and resource management services to both private and state entities.

Delta BEC Creative Agents had to develop an informative website on a CMS.

Delta Built Environment and Construction

Delta BEC Creative Agency was responsible for the project management of Delta BEC’s new website. The new website had to comply with Delta BEC’s brand. Delta BEC Creative Agency currently manages and updates the website on a regular basis.

DELTA BEC: Architecture & Visualisation

Delta BEC’s Architecture & Visualisation Department required a website that would reflect their service offering in a visual manner.

Delta BEC Creative Agents therefore had to develop an aesthetic appealing website.

Delta Realty

Due to Delta Realty being in the real estate industry, the website had to be engaging and aesthetically appealing.


The DELTA Group required a website where visitors can locate all of the Group’s other websites. The website had to have a minimalist design and all of the other websites had to be easy to locate on the website.

Delta Construction

D-Con is a construction company that specialises in building maintenance and civil engineering construction projects.

D-Con required a user-friendly and transparent website.

Delta Facilities Management

Delta BEC Creative Agents had to ensure that the website portrays all of DFM’s service offerings in a user friendly manner, making it easy for visitors to navigate through the website.

Studio Delta

Studio Delta’s website is developed with specialised filters, which include a currency filter. Delta BEC Creative Agency was responsible for the project management of the website and ensuring that the website complies with the company’s brand.

Delta Group Intranet

Delta BEC Creative Agency had to create an intranet on CMS software that is an information hub for all of the companies within the DELTA Group. This intranet had to be developed in such a manner that it can be updated