Data capturing and analysis

Delta BEC’s Asset Management Department uses advanced mobile data capturing technology to capture, store and represent large amounts of data.

The advanced mobile data capturing technology is applied throughout a broad spectrum of surveys and data capturing projects (e.g. Household and Building Surveys, Waste Surveys, Population Density Surveys, Property Valuation Surveys, Fleet Optimization and Process Flow Optimization, Traffic Counting Building Condition and Structural Assessments) to provide clients with the following:

Top tier data capturing services using advanced mobile data capturing technology

High quality and accurate data to ensure data integrity

Verified, validated data and data analysis by Delta BEC’s professional scientists and engineers

Customised systems to suit clients’ needs

Data capturing

Delta BEC uses a mixture of in house scientists and engineers as well as the local community to capture the data in the field using advanced mobile data capturing technology. By engaging the local community in projects creates jobs and education opportunities for the public. Delta BEC has designed validation and verification systems for the analysis and interpretation of the data to guarantee accurate results. The data validation and verification process is summarised below:

Data verification

  • Apply automatic procedures to reject data entries that were incorrectly captured in the field.
  • Automatic checking procedures are in place to identify data entries that require additional investigation once captured in the field.
    Plot and verify data entries spatially and automatically flag incorrect entries by location.
  • Provide tracking and monitoring systems to provide feedback and status updates for the data capturing teams to achieve optimal results in terms of time and cost.

Data validation

  • Apply data analysis techniques to provide tailor-made solutions to fit the client’s needs.
  • Create a visual representation of the data using different software i.e. Google Earth, AutoCAD, Excel, Word, PDF, PowerPoint, MS Access, Python and many more; to emphasise customer needs, weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities. Apply data science packages to create custom algorithms and processes for data analysis of Big Data, while simultaneously achieving optimal results in terms of data integrity, time and cost.